Find the best medical treatment team for you.

Choose a doctor based not only on the recommendations of professionals, but also on the suggestions of other people with cancer. If you have a choice, visit each doctor once before deciding which one will work best with you.

Ask questions. Seek information.

Most people find it helpful to write down questions. Bring a friend or relative with you when you see the doctor. Your friend can help you ask questions as well as remember and understand new information.

Take your time.

When you have an important decision to make, such as a choice of doctor, treatment, or surgery, you almost always have a few weeks to think it out and confer with others.

Consider joining a support group.

Support groups offer interaction with individuals who have had experiences similar to yours. They can give you reassurance as well as important facts based on first-hand experience.

Take good care of your body.

Find out about good nutrition, relaxation techniques, and anything else that helps your body heal.

Treat yourself well.

Celebrate triumphs, no matter how small they may seem. Find any excuse to reward yourself with a massage, a walk in the park, or something else that will give you peace of mind and make your life better.