Father’s Day – Reflections From Randy Henniger

“The most rewarding thing for a father is to know that his sons are well and enjoying their lives.” Randy said to Patricia, his wife and the mother of their two sons. “We are blessed to have two fine sons who are well and happy.”

“Amen, to that!” Exclaimed Patricia. “They have both grown up to be such fine men. I love them so much.”

“Me, too.” Randy agreed. “You’ve been the rock, the center of our family. You’ve done such a fine job of raising them. If I had some half as good a job in my career, I would be at the top of my field. Thank you.”

“Well, you helped a little.” Joked Patricia. “I actually raised 3 boys, all together.”

“True, that!” Randy added with a smile. “Our 40 years of marriage has taught me a lot, too.”

“Father’s Day is coming up.” Patricia said. “What gifts do you wish for this year?”

“All my wishes have already been granted; the love of a beautiful woman, two fine sons and reasonably good health. Well, at least I’m still here.” Randy replied. “When I was diagnosed with terminal cancer 30 years ago and given just 6 months to live, I wasn’t sure I would be around to help you raise our boys. They were only 3 and 5 at that time. But here we are, 30 years later. We sure fooled all those medical experts, didn’t we?”

“True, that!” Replied Patricia. “I never doubted for a minute that you would beat the cancer. You are just too stubborn to give up.”

“True that!” Randy replied. “I never gave up the battle. How could I lose with so much on the line? But I never would have made it without your love and the support of our family and friends. They are a true blessing to us.”

The mail ran and there was a Father’s Day card addressed to “Dad.” It was from Josh. What he wrote was so touching it made them both cry.

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